Ben Affleck is the New Batman


So Ben Affleck will play Batman in Warner Brothers’ and director Zack Snyder’s as-of-yet-untitled Man of Steel sequel. Wow!

A few spit-balled reactions here:

This all but confirms my suspicions that DC and Warner Brothers don’t have a single brain left among them. Don’t get me wrong – I like Affleck. I think he’s a fantastic director and an emerging talent behind the camera. Shit, he’s a vastly more talented filmmaker than Snyder. But what the hell is he doing taking this gig?

Considering Affleck’s chummy relationship with WB (they’ve released all his directorial efforts), I shouldn’t be surprised. He was, after all, once attached to direct the Justice League film. Perhaps WB is pulling in a favor to counter all the work (and money) they put in this winter for what was definitely an insanely expensive Oscar campaign for Argo.

Lest you think Affleck’s the victim here, remember that the guy’s quite the astute businessman. He’s been playing his cards extremely well post-Argo. He appeared in Terrence Malick’s naval-gazing drama To the Wonder this spring, has a juicy villain role in Brad Furman’s Runner, Runner, out this fall. He also scored the lead in David Fincher’s adaptation of Gone Girl. Add his directorial follow-up to Argo, Live By Night to that list and its an interesting group. So why and how does the dark knight fit into this?

I wouldn’t be surprised if he got something really nice out of this deal – final cuts and big fat budgets for his next few movies. More than likely, it must have been an enormous paycheck, possibly something along the lines of the $50 million payday Christian Bale was being rumored to have been offered before he took off the cape. Only time will tell how this one plays out. Considering there isn’t even a script written, I’d be worried.

Batman/Superman hits theaters in the summer of 2015.

Full Story at Variety


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