30 for 30: The Dark Knight (2008)




After graduating in 2007, I moved back to my folks place in Broward. A few of highlights (or at least the things I can actually remember): I got my first job out of college at Zimmerman early in the year. While I can’t say I enjoyed it there, I did gain the experience. I also made the first of my three straight Drink Around the World trips at Epcot with Henry and Jaime. This was also the year where hanging out with Gabe, Erika, Ana, Richard, Jaime, Rosy and Henry became the norm. Finally, I went to a whopping number of screenings! I wasn’t a press member at the time so this was mostly me waiting in lines for hours on end trying to get seats. One of those screenings was The Dark Knight. I knew that the hype over Ledger’s performance would guarantee it a wealthy box office but the pandemonium at the advance screening two days before opening (which Gabe and I somehow managed to get extraordinary seats for) was a barometer that this thing was about to become a cultural phenomenon. It didn’t hurt that the movie was a knock out that represented a high watermark in pop filmmaking. Leave it up to the Academy then to piss themselves and nominate The Reader  instead.

About 30-for-30

Movies are a huge part of my life – I mean, why else would I be running a blog/site devoted to movies? To commemorate the occasion of my 30th birthday (later this month), I’ll be counting down to the big day by posting a photo of my favorite movie for each year of the last 30 years I’ve survived on this planet. These aren’t my favorite 30 movies EVER but merely the movie I consider my favorite (or the best) of each year. This is my 30 for 30. Click here to see the other 30 for 30 posts.


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