30 for 30: Goodfellas (1990)




There comes a point where trying to put together personal tidbits for your pet project becomes futile. Memories only go back so many years. After that’s it’s all bits, pieces and random flicks put together from old photographs of your childhood. So instead of making up stories about my childhood, I’m going to talk about the people who I shared it with –my close-knit group of cousins. I can’t single out one specific memory because there are just too many to choose from but whether they were good, bad or hilarious or embarrassing – I’ll say that growing up wouldn’t have been the same without you all in my life. Although we’re all around the world – from Mumbai to Toronto to Edmonton to Goa to Dubai to Bangalore and the U.S.A., those memories serve as a reminder that I had one hell of an amazing childhood. I know we all love shots so here’s to the Double-O brothers Oscar & Ozzy, the Tres Rosas – Boneca, Minoshka & Branca, my Canadians cousins Russell & Ruchelle who I haven’t seen in ages, Ruel & Raul who I finally hung out with this past December, and of course, the older ones – Marina, Marissa, Ryan and Rohan.

Is it even possible to pick another movie over GOODFELLAS for 1990? Some may make a case for Tim Burton’s touching fairy tale Edward Scissorhands, Stephen Frears’ fantastic The Grifters, or Rob Reiner’s creepy Misery. Others will claim to be partial towards the Coen brothers’ Miller’s Crossing or Paul Verhoven’s Total Recall (which may be the best non-Cameron movie of Schwarzenegger’s career). There’s also Jacob’s Ladder which some idiot is remaking as a horror movie next year. Do any of my fellow movie buff buddies prefer anything else? State of Grace, Reversals of Fortune or maybe Wild at Heart? Please don’t say Home Alone, Pretty Woman or Ghost!

In my humble opinion, the only film that warrants discussion for the best of 1990 alongside Scorsese’s electric, high on cocaine, slice-of-gangster-life epic is Kevin Costner’s old-school western Dances With Wolves. Maybe there’s a case to be made for the film reinforcing the “white savior” narrative trope but the film is so beautifully crafted and made, I can’t bring myself to complain. But in the end, Goodfellas is an indisputable high-watermark in the careers of everyone involved. Without Goodfellas, we wouldn’t have had The Sopranos. And without The Sopranos, we probably wouldn’t have had Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire.

About 30-for-30

Movies are a huge part of my life – I mean, why else would I be running a blog/site devoted to movies? To commemorate the occasion of my 30th birthday (later this month), I’ll be counting down to the big day by posting a photo of my favorite movie for each year of the last 30 years I’ve survived on this planet. These aren’t my favorite 30 movies EVER but merely the movie I consider my favorite (or the best) of each year. This is my 30 for 30. Click here to see the other 30 for 30 posts.


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