David Fincher wants Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic


Last month, when various news outlets reported that David Fincher was in early talks to direct the Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of Walter Issacson’s best-selling biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs, a bulk of the internet movie community collectively lost their marbles. And why wouldn’t they? The last time those two filmmakers collaborated, the result was the seminal Oscar-winning The Social Network. Today, The Wrap is reporting that Oscar-winner Christian Bale is Fincher’s one and only choice to play Jobs. Furthermore, the article notes that Fincher will only direct the biopic if Bale is cast. While nothing is set in stone as yet (Bale hasn’t even been approached as yet), the possibility of such a team-up is feverishly exciting.

As previously announced, Sorkin’s script will be taking a very different approach from what you’d expect from a biopic. The film will comprise of three long scenes – each one centered around the launch of Apple’s major product launches – the Mac, NeXT and the iPod. If this project materializes, it’ll be an incredibly challenging and meaty role for Bale – what with the long monologues, personal struggles and especially the weight gains and losses.

Bale, who was most recently seen in American Hustle and Out of the Furnace, will next appear as Moses in Ridley Scott’s Exodus. Fincher is currently putting final touches to his adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. Sorkin, on the other hand, is still trying to make The Newsroom relevant. You can read more about the project, as well as the nitty-gritty of the studio negotiations at The Wrap.


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