The 007 Collective – An Introduction


On November 6, 2015, Sony Pictures will release SPECTRE, the 24th installment in the now 52-year-old James Bond franchise. lTo mark this occasion, I’ve decided to undertake in a project I’m calling The 007 Collective. The central idea behind The 007 Collective is to revisit every feature in the Bond franchise and see how they hold up today. Along with a review of each film, each article in this 10-month-long series will dive into the historical place and production of each film in question. It will also feature a dossier i.e. a fact sheet with superlatives, ratings, rankings, best, worsts and other fun stuff in line with the format you’ve seen in my annual Year in Superlatives articles. Keep in mind that this project isn’t meant to be the final word on the Bond franchise. You can visit a thousand other sites that focus on Bond 24/7 for that. The 007 Collective is strictly my take on the series.

If you’re asking yourself, “Can’t you spend your time on a franchise or filmmaker more worthwhile?” Of course I can, and I probably will. Spielberg’s on my list. So are the Coens. I’m even contemplating something on Bollywood. But I wanted to start with Bond because there aren’t many series that offer such a vast spectrum of quality and quantity of titles to work from. Besides, I’ve been a Bond fan for as far back as I can remember, and this is something I wanted to tackle in 2012 with Skyfall for the 50th Anniversary of Bond but that didn’t pan out. That being said, I may be a longtime aficionado of the series but I am very aware of how bloody racist, misogynistic and downright stupid many of these movies can be. I won’t be skipping that aspect. But terrible or great, one thing the Bond franchise has always been to me is FUN. And that’s the grand idea behind The 007 Collective. I hope you enjoy reading the series over the course of the year. Suggestions are always welcome.

As a final note, I’ll only be tackling the official EON canon so that means no Never Say Never Again (1983) and no Casino Royale (the 1953 and 1967 versions) either. But everything from Dr. No to Skyfall to Goldfinger to yes, even Die Another Day will be covered. Additionally, instead of tackling the series in chronological order, I’ve decided to watch them randomly—just to keep things a little exciting, for you and especially for me. No one deserves to be subjected to seven Roger Moore Bonds in a row!

List of films covered in The 007 Collective, to date:


6 responses to “The 007 Collective – An Introduction

  1. “That being said, I may be a longtime aficionado of the series but I am very aware of how bloody racist, sexist and downright stupid these movies can be. Rest assured I won’t be skipping that aspect.”

    This excites me.

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