Reuben Pereira

Born and raised in Abu Dhabi to parents of Indian origin, Reuben is a Miami-based film critic and writer whose coverage includes local and national film news, obsessing over the lengthy awards season race, and reporting box office numbers. An active voting member of the Florida Film Critics Circle since 2011, Reuben’s film obsessions run the gamut from Bond to Bollywood, Spielberg to Scorsese, the Coens to Cannes staples, Marvel’s titans, Pixar’s visionaries and Oscar history. Apart from devouring most aspects of film and pop culture, Reuben works as a Project Manager & Agency Producer at a full-service ad agency in Miami, enjoys experiencing world cuisine, being a soccer nut, a Mad Men maniac, a WW2 history hound, Wiki junkie, and devouring graphic novels whenever he gets the chance. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Journalism as well as a certification in Film Studies from Florida International University. Other than Film Frontier, his work has also been published in the Miami Herald, Examiner, Florida International University’s Panther Press (formerly The Beacon), and CBSLocal.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at here or follow me on Twitter (@reubixcube) or Letterboxed.


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